A title should be focused. This blog’s title is anything but. I’m not one to focus, at least not for very long. I learn quickly, I speak a little faster, and I move from one focal point to the next without missing a beat.

I’m not proud; this is just a fact, and a rather frustrating one at times. I’ve been a journalist in bucolic Vermont, a hustling self-made something on the posh streets of Toronto, a teacher in a couple of countries, and a homeless wife in New Brunswick. I’ve got some stories. Some would widen your eyes and dilate your pupils, some would have you wiping tears or holding your sides, and some others would simply never be told, not here at least.

What I’m trying to tell you here is that, I cannot tell you precisely what to expect from me here. My own expectations for this blog aren’t precisely clear as of yet. I can tell you that you won’t find the focus of a mommy blog,  the organization of a cooking blog, nor probably the ingenuity of a homesteading blog. But you can expect to hear about all of these topics from my perspective, and then some. What I probably can promise you, with a vague sense of security, is that you will find someone here who is willing to share what little she has learned, who is hoping to learn from others, and who has a very strong sense of gratitude and a desire for grace and growth in every day.

I’m a woman with a strong sense of a self, a wife and a mother, a crazy animal lover, decent cook and mostly vegan soap-maker, a hopeless optimist, aspiring homesteader, and a grateful recovering alcoholic. I like to discover the world and people with my arms wide open, and I aspire to share my wonder with others. Our story, our journey, and the bits I’ve learned along the way are what I plan to share in this blog, and however that winds up manifesting will be just fine by me because, hey, I can always edit in the end, right? Life’s a process, and this is just the start here.

My journey has taught me that grace is sometimes the only thing that will sustain me, the only thing left to cling to in the darkness. Most recently I have found a new Grace that sustains me: my new journey sustaining the life of my miraculous daughter, Grace. These pages are my process; they are my blank slate to decorate with my life; they are the “me time” to which I’m entitled. They’re another part of my sustaining grace. Here goes another something new in life.